Decorative and Applied Art - Design for Fabrics

Design for Fabrics

Looms of Lindos Fabrics.

Hand woven Fabrics
As part of an architectural project, I can design special patterns, or motifs and devise colourways for hand woven fabrics using cotton or silk made in Turkey or India.
Extract from 'My Life'
"At the beginning of 1964 I settled in Greece, for a period of four years in the ancient village of Lindos, on the Island of Rhodes. From this European base I was involved with drawing, painting and design. I prepared design work
for restoration of some early 17th century Lindos mansions. In addition I coordinated
all aspects of colour and design for the
‘Looms of Lindos’, a hand weaving cottage industry established in 1965 by an American benefactor, William E Clow."