My Work

Sketches of proposed fantasy light for 'Imaret' to be made in Egypt.
Sketches of proposed fantasy light for 'Imaret' to be made in Egypt.

Consultation and Collaboration with Architects, Interior Designers and Marine Designers. This collaboration is formed at the commencement of the project, as part of the initial concept.

When specific art work or decorative and applied art pieces are called for, my studio prepares these concepts early so that these elements are successfully integrated within the design of the overall structural scheme.

Also this allows for any special requirements which may need lengthy production time in order to be executed concurrently with the structure; for example: the design and weaving of large tapestries, specially woven carpets, folding screens, paintings, ceramics, design for marquetry and etched glass and lights.

Other decorative work such as painted paneling and ceilings possibly relating historically to the site or location may be pre-fabricated in advance and installed in the finished structure.

To achieve sympathetic modification of projects which have an historical significance, I initiate a detailed study of the existing structure, the site and its location and execute a series of large drawings.

This invaluable permanent record is generally retained by the client as a unique historic reference, a collection of my work in itself.

Integrity if methods and materials. In all of my work I consider it essential to combine professional craftsmanship with the best materials available.

For example, when not painted directly onto the wall, traditional gesso preparation is used on Belgian linen canvas with premium oil colour, Alkyd Resin or acrylics. Gouache and water colours are used on hand-made papers from Japan, France or Italy.

Pure gold leaf, silver leaf or white-gold is used on foil surfaces.