My Work

Establishments of Donald H. Green Studio. My studio evolved as a means of presenting, under one umbrella, my diverse art and design skills. For forty years I have worked on commissioned projects. I can either work directly with a client, or in collaboration with interior designers and architects, to produce unique interiors, exteriors and gardens. My work has incorporated many elements, such as: murals, drawings on gilded panels, paintings, large folding screens and designs for decorative and applied art pieces, ceramics furnishings and furniture.

I find it stimulating to prepare conceptual drawings as part of a team with other designers and studio assistants. Projects that may require me to create painted illusions, or a particular decorative atmosphere within an interior space or a facade or garden environment are especially appealing to me.

Also of particular interest to me is the art and design challenge of an architectural project which requires the sensitive blending of contemporary expectations of comfort within an historic setting or vernacular architecture.

Example Brochure

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